Stuff that in your football and smoke it!

Detroit man Christen Moore tried to go long with a football but instead of it landing in the yard, the ball wound up between two fences at deflated footballthe G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility!  Now, tossing a football isn’t too out of the ordinary except that Moore was on the “free” side of the fence and the football was stuffed with heroin, pot, tobacco, three cell phones and chargers! And much like a real football game, Moore was quickly tackled. He’s now facing felony charges.


A Florida lawyer recently missed her client’s court date but she had a good excuse. Well, she thought so anyway. Janice Jennings told a federal judge that the opposing attorney, John Campbell, used a microchip and special technology to make her miss the date. The judge was understandably dumbfounded and asked, “You’re saying something is implanted in your brain?” To which Jennings responded, “In the area of my left ear.” She then claimed that Campbell has been using the device to subject her to torture. The judge called her accusation “bizarre” and a nonprofit group that helps lawyers deal with mental illness has reached out to her. This strange behavior is nothing new for Jennings. She made a similar accusation against another attorney in 2003 but despite her behavior, she’s been allowed to practice under the Florida bar. Ok, don’t get arrested in Florida.


A Connecticut woman became concerned when she heard what sounded like a child yelling, “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” followed by “What?” She thought there was a lost child searching for his or her father, so she set out to locate the child and eventually ended up at a tree outside a local school. She looked up and saw the culprit. A parrot. The woman alerted animal control, who identified the missing bird as Ralphie. His owner had reported him missing several days earlier after he had flown out of the house. Ralphie was calling for his daddy. Ralphie was returned to his owner.

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