Stupid Selfie

A bizarre story out of Brazil…When a woman, 37, arrived at Cabo Frio’s Woman’s Hospital saying she was 41 weeks pregnant and in pain with a protruding belly and some kind of proof of prenatal care doctors assumed she was in labor. “Because the doctors couldn’t pick up the [baby’s] heartbeat, they decided there wasn’t time to request an ultrasound,” the site’s director told the Daily Mail. “They did the surgery then had the great shock of not finding any baby at all.” It turns out the woman was suffering from a false pregnancy (known as pseudocyesis) and “was so convinced she was pregnant that she altered her prenatal tests that showed otherwise because she was convinced the results were wrong,” a city Health Department rep said per CBS News. And her husband says it wasn’t the first time. Last year, she said she’d lost a baby at the hospital, but never showed him a death certificate. She’s now been referred to psychiatric care.

The Nashua Telegraph reports that administrators at the Hollis Primary School called police around 10 a.m. after they saw the man running around the school, tapping on windows and waving at students.  He was buzzed into the building but fled when he saw a look of alarm on a staffer’s face. Other schools and parents were notified and kids were kept inside for recess. The man has contacted police to say he was only trying to spread “holiday cheer” and didn’t mean to cause panic. Police aren’t identifying him because he wasn’t charged.

stupid selfieAn apparent teenage peeping Tom in Norway was caught in the act of mounting a hidden camera in the girls’ shower.  Not because someone walked in…by accidentally taking his own picture in the process of hanging the camera! As he pressed the start button to start recording, he snapped a picture of himself.  Police have still have not identified the suspect but assume he is a student at the school and have asked fellow students to help identify him.  *Ok, so this picture obviously isn’t a teenager but it IS creepy.

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