Stupid Selfie

A bizarre story out of Brazil…When a woman, 37, arrived at Cabo Frio’s Woman’s Hos­pi­tal say­ing she was 41 weeks preg­nant and in pain with a pro­trud­ing belly and some kind of proof of pre­na­tal care doc­tors assumed she was in labor. “Because the doc­tors couldn’t pick up the [baby’s] heart­beat, they decided there wasn’t time to request an ultra­sound,” the site’s direc­tor told the Daily Mail. “They did the surgery then had the great shock of not find­ing any baby at all.” It turns out the woman was suf­fer­ing from a false preg­nancy (known as pseudo­cye­sis) and “was so con­vinced she was preg­nant that she altered her pre­na­tal tests that showed oth­er­wise because she was con­vinced the results were wrong,” a city Health Depart­ment rep said per CBS News. And her hus­band says it wasn’t the first time. Last year, she said she’d lost a baby at the hos­pi­tal, but never showed him a death cer­tifi­cate. She’s now been referred to psy­chi­atric care.

The Nashua Tele­graph reports that admin­is­tra­tors at the Hol­lis Pri­mary School called police around 10 a.m. after they saw the man run­ning around the school, tap­ping on win­dows and wav­ing at stu­dents.  He was buzzed into the build­ing but fled when he saw a look of alarm on a staffer’s face. Other schools and par­ents were noti­fied and kids were kept inside for recess. The man has con­tacted police to say he was only try­ing to spread “hol­i­day cheer” and didn’t mean to cause panic. Police aren’t iden­ti­fy­ing him because he wasn’t charged.

stupid selfieAn appar­ent teenage peep­ing Tom in Nor­way was caught in the act of mount­ing a hid­den cam­era in the girls’ shower.  Not because some­one walked in…by acci­den­tally tak­ing his own pic­ture in the process of hang­ing the cam­era! As he pressed the start but­ton to start record­ing, he snapped a pic­ture of him­self.  Police have still have not iden­ti­fied the sus­pect but assume he is a stu­dent at the school and have asked fel­low stu­dents to help iden­tify him.  *Ok, so this pic­ture obvi­ously isn’t a teenager but it IS creepy.

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