Sun roof or a moon roof?

A Florida man was arrested and charged with a sex offense for allegedly danc­ing out of a car sun­roof in Sara­sota County and expos­ing jacob timmerhim­self to the 3 worst pos­si­ble wit­nesses. A 10-year-old, a grand­mother and a sheriff’s deputy! At the time, Jacob Tim­mer was “heav­ily intox­i­cated.” After Tim­mer was arrested and taken to jail, he said, “I know, I screwed up,” and was charged with lewd or las­civ­i­ous exhi­bi­tion to a vic­tim under the age of 16 accord­ing to his affi­davit. He was also cited for vio­lat­ing seat belt law.


An Orange City woman has been accused of try­ing to shoplift seven lob­ster tails from a Pub­lix by stuff­ing them down her pants. Accord­ing to police, the 30-year-old planned to swap the shell­fish with a friend for a pass to a Chi­nese buf­fet. Reed also said that she might have attempted to trade the tails for Dilau­did, a painkiller. The Chi­nese food was put on hold as Reed was charged with theft from a mer­chant and taken to the Volu­sia County Branch Jail.
Cameron Read’s girl­friend called Prescott Val­ley police after he allegedly fired sev­eral shots and “spoke of see­ing Halley’s Comet,” the Repub­lic reported. When police arrived, the 39-year-old resisted arrest, caused dam­age and was taken into cus­tody force­fully. Read said that he had smoked mar­i­juana prior to the inci­dent and that he did not intend to hurt any­one he was just try­ing to shoot the moon. Read was booked on sus­pi­cion of felony counts of unlaw­ful dis­charge of a firearm, resist­ing arrest, dis­or­derly con­duct and endan­ger­ment in addi­tion to a count of mis­de­meanor crim­i­nal damage.

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