Superman not so super

superman7A Superman costumed clad Patrick Campbell of Wasilla, Alaska was “waving at traffic” while standing in the middle of the Parks Highway.  Apparently cops found this less than amusing and pulled Campbell off the road.  Cops later found out the reason why Campbell was feeling so “super.”  Turns out he was in possession of an undisclosed amount of heroin, and was arrested.  Now, where exactly could a man in a full bodied spandex suit hide those drugs? 

Some residents of a Swedish town said they are not amused by a 26-foot-tall sculpture of a male figure urinating into a river.The “Bad Bad Boy” sculpture, by Finnish artist Tommi Toija, was installed as part of the Orebro Open Art exhibition.  A 34-year-old resident, Anna said she “really hates” the sculpture. However, another resident, Ebba, 62, said she was slightly amused by the work.” Toijas said there is no correct way to interpret his sculpture. “For me, it’s just a guy peeing in the river, no more, no less.”

A Canadian said he had both pride and regret after swimming the across Detroit River, and back, after drinking eight beers. John Morillo, 47, undertook the cross-border challenge to show “I could do it.” His actions sparked an international rescue effort after a neighbor, watching the event, lost sight of him after about a half hour, and called police. He swam from Windsor to Detroit’s Renaissance Center, left the water, and dove back in for the return trip. Just before he arrived back in Canada he was picked up by Canadian authorities in a boat. He admitted it was “really stupid.”  Morillo was arrested for intoxication in a public place, and will likely be cited for swimming in a shipping channel and fined up to $40,000. He added he has been barred from city waterfront property, and his mother told him, “You’re just so stupid” before she hung up on him.


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