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Wednesday 12/19

A Chi­nese man whose name was not released, started off at the air­port secu­rity check wear­ing a nor­mal amount of cloth­ing, but after hear­ing that he would have to pay over­weight fees, he began tak­ing clothes out of his bag and putting them on his body – stop­ping when he got to nine pairs of jeans […]


Thursday 10/25

A Brazil­ian fam­ily said they did not real­ize a body had been misiden­ti­fied as a fam­ily mem­ber until the “dead” man inter­rupted his own funeral. The fam­ily of Gilberto Araujo, said they had not seen the car washer for four months so they had no rea­son to believe it wasn’t him.  Araujo said he learned […]


Monday 10/22

Police in France said they were try­ing to iden­tify the skele­ton of a man believed to have lain undis­cov­ered in bed for more than 15 years! The body, found in an aban­doned house in the north­ern city of Lille, is thought to be that of the elderly owner of the prop­erty, who lived alone and […]


Tuesday 10/2

A 70-year-old Ore­gon farmer went to the barn to feed his hogs and never returned. A fam­ily mem­ber later found a few body parts and Terry Vance Garner’s den­tures in the hog pen. Author­i­ties are still inves­ti­gat­ing what hap­pened, but they believe it’s likely the elderly farmer may have had a heart attack, fell, or […]


Wednesday 9/26

Locals in north­ern Turkey were fran­tic when they saw a woman’s body float­ing in the Black Sea, so they called in help and watched as offi­cials cor­doned off the beach and a team of divers made their dar­ing res­cue. So every­one was less than thrilled to find that the “woman” was in fact a blow-up […]


Wednesday 9/12

Imag­ine you’re at home and you’re sit­ting on your front porch enjoy­ing the day when all of a sud­den a body lands in your front yard!  Well, the body of a man who attempted to hide in the land­ing gear of an air­plane headed to Heathrow Air­port did just that on a res­i­den­tial street in […]