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Thursday 10/18

Imag­ine you’re a huge Ala­nis Moris­sette fan and you end up in the hos­pi­tal because of Ala­nis Moris­sette. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? That’s what hap­pened to a Jack­sonville, Florida, man who lis­tened to just enough of her music to drive his boyfriend crazy. 24-year-old Allen Casey was arrested for domes­tic bat­tery for smashing […]


Tuesday 7/31

An Illi­nois woman was arrested for mak­ing a six-pack of 911 calls to com­plain that her boyfriend refused to pro­vide her with a six-pack of beer. Shan­non White dialed the emer­gency num­ber to report that her boyfriend thought she’d had enough to drink, and refused to give her another brewski. When that call didn’t elicit […]