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Friday 12/21

Hu Lin had been argu­ing with her neigh­bor, Wang Sun, for the last six years over a build­ing per­mit. She was appar­ently so upset with him that she decided to name her dog after him – just so she could insult him. “She named her dog Wang and then when­ever she saw me she would […]


Monday 12/17

Emer­gency Crews were called to a build­ing in the city in Rus­sia when a voice was heard call­ing for help from the trash cute. Respon­ders said they dis­cov­ered the woman, wear­ing only a T-shirt, had lost her bal­ance and fell in while attempt­ing to retrieve a bag of cos­met­ics she had acci­den­tally thrown away.“The rescue […]


Welcome to Winter Show!

If you’re going to live in East Idaho, you’d bet­ter enjoy win­ter! Are you a diehard win­ter fan or does win­ter make you shiver?  Either way you need to stop by SnoW­est Magazine’s Wel­come to Win­ter Show this week­end! It’s FREE! Find us in the Home Empo­rium build­ing — 1568 Hitt Road in Idaho Falls […]


Friday 11/23

A New Mex­ico man called the cops on him­self after he went to his bank and made an ille­gal with­drawal. Charles Scrib­ner went to a branch of Bank of Amer­ica and began rant­ing about how the bank had “sold him out,” before method­i­cally bust­ing out the win­dows in the front of the build­ing. He then […]


Monday 10/8

Akron, Ohio, offi­cials said City Hall was evac­u­ated briefly Wednes­day when an alu­minum rod bear­ing the word “Kaboom” dis­cov­ered on the third floor of the build­ing.  How­ever, the item was soon dis­cov­ered to an expand­able shower rod used as a walk­ing stick by Nat­ural Hunka Kaboom, 65, a reg­u­lar attendee at City Coun­cil meet­ings. Pinellas […]


Monday 9/24

A pair of broth­ers from Wis­con­sin was arrested after a game of “Mad­den NFL” turned into a phys­i­cal alter­ca­tion, police said. Michael & Abrey May­weather were play­ing a game of “Mad­den NFL” in Abrey’s apart­ment when Michael became upset about los­ing and his brother’s name call­ing.  Res­i­dents of the apart­ment build­ing called police when the […]