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Friday 12/21

Hu Lin had been arguing with her neighbor, Wang Sun, for the last six years over a building permit. She was apparently so upset with him that she decided to name her dog after him – just so she could insult him. “She named her dog Wang and then whenever she saw me she would […]


Monday 12/17

Emergency Crews were called to a building in the city in Russia when a voice was heard calling for help from the trash cute. Responders said they discovered the woman, wearing only a T-shirt, had lost her balance and fell in while attempting to retrieve a bag of cosmetics she had accidentally thrown away.”The rescue […]


Welcome to Winter Show!

If you’re going to live in East Idaho, you’d better enjoy winter! Are you a diehard winter fan or does winter make you shiver?  Either way you need to stop by SnoWest Magazine’s Welcome to Winter Show this weekend! It’s FREE! Find us in the Home Emporium building – 1568 Hitt Road in Idaho Falls […]


Friday 11/23

A New Mexico man called the cops on himself after he went to his bank and made an illegal withdrawal. Charles Scribner went to a branch of Bank of America and began ranting about how the bank had “sold him out,” before methodically busting out the windows in the front of the building. He then […]


Monday 10/8

Akron, Ohio, officials said City Hall was evacuated briefly Wednesday when an aluminum rod bearing the word “Kaboom” discovered on the third floor of the building.  However, the item was soon discovered to an expandable shower rod used as a walking stick by Natural Hunka Kaboom, 65, a regular attendee at City Council meetings. Pinellas […]


Monday 9/24

A pair of brothers from Wisconsin was arrested after a game of “Madden NFL” turned into a physical altercation, police said. Michael & Abrey Mayweather were playing a game of “Madden NFL” in Abrey’s apartment when Michael became upset about losing and his brother’s name calling.  Residents of the apartment building called police when the […]