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Friday 6/6

A Ten­nessee woman was arrested after repeat­edly call­ing 911 to com­plain that her male neigh­bor had a crush on her hus­band. The woman, who was allegedly intox­i­cated, refused to lis­ten when she was told she couldn’t use 911 for a non-emergency sit­u­a­tion. So when she made her next call, she phoned in her own arrest.  […]


The perfect pick me up!

The only prob­lem with cof­fee is that it has no meat in it (well, with the excep­tion of the above pic­ture), and the only prob­lem with meat is that it has no caf­feine in it!  For­tu­nately, the Army has solved both of those prob­lems with its newest snack: caf­feinated meat.  The beef jerky stick, which […]