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Thursday 9/13

Emer­gency respon­ders in Swe­den who were rush­ing to the scene of a reported gas leak found out that there was some­thing fishy at the scene – lit­er­ally. The call, which resulted in the evac­u­a­tion of a Stock­holm sub­urb, turned up noth­ing more explo­sive than a bucket of fer­mented her­ring – a noto­ri­ously stinky con­coc­tion pop­u­lar at fall […]


Thursday 8/23

DeLand, FL police said the man, described as about 6 feet tall with short blond hair and side­burns, bor­rowed a pen at a Dunkin Donuts shortly before 8:30 a.m. which doesn’t seem so out of the ordi­nary but he used it to write the note he used to rob the shop. Police have released security […]


Tuesday 8/21

The itsy-bitsy spi­der … got a lot of atten­tion from a cop who was sum­moned to a Florida home by a 911 call from a ter­ri­fied eight-year-old. The boy called the emer­gency num­ber after being star­tled by the crit­ter while his mom was off at work. The respond­ing offi­cer didn’t find any­thing eight-legged crawl­ing around, […]


Incubus Planning Hiatus After Summer Tour

After Incubus com­pletes their tour­ing cycle for last year’s If Not Now, When?, the band plans on tak­ing a break. “We have no plans, to tell you the truth, at the moment,” front­man Bran­don Boyd told Billboard.com dur­ing a con­fer­ence call. “I have been…


Thursday 8/2

Author­i­ties said that a Faulkner County sheriff’s deputy was respond­ing to a call about a bull run­ning loose when he saw man try­ing to guide the bull. As the patrol car drew near, the ani­mal reared up and pinned the man against the vehi­cle. Accord­ing to the deputy’s report, the bull then “tried to mate […]


Tuesday 7/31

An Illi­nois woman was arrested for mak­ing a six-pack of 911 calls to com­plain that her boyfriend refused to pro­vide her with a six-pack of beer. Shan­non White dialed the emer­gency num­ber to report that her boyfriend thought she’d had enough to drink, and refused to give her another brewski. When that call didn’t elicit […]


Tuesday 7/24

Tim­o­thy Cour­tois, 49, was dri­ving 112 mph on the Maine Turn­pike with an AK-47 assault weapon, four hand­guns, and sev­eral boxes of ammo and news­pa­per clip­pings about Colorado’s Dark Knight Rises mas­sacre when he was nabbed. He boasted to cops he had just attended a show­ing of the Bat­man film pack­ing a loaded gun and […]


Wednesday 7/11

Kaleb Lang­dale, 17, sur­vived an alli­ga­tor attack yes­ter­day where his arm was bit­ten off from the elbow down!  A friend that was swim­ming with him said that Kaleb popped out of the water shortly after being bit­ten. “He was wav­ing say­ing, ‘Call the para­medics! My arm is gone!” Wildlife offi­cers caught and killed the alligator […]