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Nuts about Ninjas

Bridgett Dixon left her Plymouth Neon smack dab in the middle of some railroad tracks, with the door open and keys in the ignition. She ran from the scene screaming that the car was stuck. Dixon was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. She told the responding officer that she was tired […]


Thursday 1/3

Why you should just stay home on New Year’s Eve.  Shortly after 5am a 22-year-old woman drove the wrong way, at high speeds, on Interstate 81 North in Pennsylvania. For a total of 18 miles! She had a passenger with her the entire time and both were seemingly oblivious to police efforts to stop the […]


Thursday 12/20

A traffic deputy in Florida gave folks a real reason to cry after being pulled over – by handing them onions instead of paper tickets for their infractions. Lou Caputo, an officer in the Florida Keys, often dresses as the Grinch at this time of year, and hands out the stinky onions to drivers who’ve been […]


Monday 12/17

Emergency Crews were called to a building in the city in Russia when a voice was heard calling for help from the trash cute. Responders said they discovered the woman, wearing only a T-shirt, had lost her balance and fell in while attempting to retrieve a bag of cosmetics she had accidentally thrown away.”The rescue […]


Wednesday 12/12

South Carolina woman Jennifer Herring was speeding in her car near Myrtle Beach when cops tried to get her attention, to no avail. She ended up engaging in several calls to 911 dispatchers during the course of her run, and informed them that there was no emergency, but she would be willing to pull over […]


Wednesday 12/05

A Polish man has a lot to get off his chest about his last relationship – so he’s suing his ex for leaving him after he laid out about seven grand for her to get breast implants. Lukasz Molovik wants Patricia Pajak to return half the dough he implanted in her pocket because he’s suffering “loss […]


Tuesday 11/13

A Florida woman, whose name was not released, called cops to report a theft, saying that she’d placed about $3000 into a packet of aluminum foil and slipped it in between two trays of biscuits in her oven for safe keeping – but when she returned home, she found that someone had made off with about […]


Wednesday 11/7

A Utah man says he saw Bigfoot while camping in Provo Canyon. The man, posted a video to YouTube of what he says he believes may be Bigfoot! The man said he and a friend were hiking near Squaw Peak and Little Rock Canyon Overlook when they spotted what they believed to be a bear. […]