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Never take a man to do a dog's job

Gerardo Reyna had his Chihuahua with him when he busted into a taco stand in San Antonio to steal cash from the cash register and the jukebox. You heard that right…he busted into a taco stand with a Chihuahua. The business’ alarm sounded and he fled to hide in a row of bushes nearby.  Reyna […]


Hangover Hassle

A Massachusetts couple was charged for allegedly assaulting a 20-year-old lifeguard on Salisbury Beach.  42-year-old Shawn C. Duncan apparently had a massive hangover and the lifeguard’s whistle-blowing aggravated the hell out of him so he punched him!  His 24-year-old girlfriend Erica Mulcahy joined in the fun too and laid into the lifeguard with a punch […]


Wednesday 11/28

Massachusetts store owner Saadat Khan was confronted by a gun-wielding crook he pretended to co-operate, moving behind the counter and toward the cash register. But instead of opening the register to get the dough the man demanded, he grabbed a cup of spicy red pepper powder that he keeps on hand to kick his meals […]