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A slow stinky death or get a new phone....

Dropping your cell phone into a toilet is unfortunate—but in China, it can be tragic. A young woman dropped her new phone into an open-pit toilet and her husband was the first to jump into the knee-deep cesspool to try and find the phone. He started having difficulty breathing and then fainted! His mother then […]


Undressed to unimpress

 A detective in New Jersey’s Andover Township received a text on his new cell phone: Hey, it asked, want to buy a quarter-pound of pot?  Well, sure, replied the detective, who then set up a rendezvous. The would-be seller smelled a rat upon arrival and fled, but police soon confiscated four bags of marijuana from […]


Monday 2/11

Cops responding to a 911 call found a car in a ditch with a woman in the passenger’s seat, bleeding and rambling about someone trying to kill her. They then found a cell phone that had a profile corresponding to a man named Joel Lankford – who, coincidentally, was spotted loitering on a nearby porch. He […]