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Thursday 12/20

A traffic deputy in Florida gave folks a real reason to cry after being pulled over – by handing them onions instead of paper tickets for their infractions. Lou Caputo, an officer in the Florida Keys, often dresses as the Grinch at this time of year, and hands out the stinky onions to drivers who’ve been […]


Tuesday 10/16

A British man will be stuck performing thousands of hours of community service after making thousands of phone calls to perfect strangers, informing them that he’d gotten his manhood stuck in someplace it didn’t belong. Gareth Lloyd placed nearly 6000 calls from a pay-as-you-go cell phone, claiming that little Gareth had become lodged in everything […]


Monday 7/2

FREAK NEWS 07022012 A Florida man was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges after a fight in which he threatened to kick a neighbor’s butt – as soon as he emptied his own. Robert Gabriel Gernot was cursing out his own mother when a neighbor heard the nasty words and tried to intervene, leading the 53-year-old to […]