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Wednesday 12/19

A Chi­nese man whose name was not released, started off at the air­port secu­rity check wear­ing a nor­mal amount of cloth­ing, but after hear­ing that he would have to pay over­weight fees, he began tak­ing clothes out of his bag and putting them on his body – stop­ping when he got to nine pairs of jeans […]


Hey, I've seen this before!

Some­times re-gifting is the only option. Whether you’re low on cash or you know some­one who would appre­ci­ate the gift much more than you.  But, there are still some rules to fol­low so you don’t end up being the re-gifting Dbag.   •Remem­ber who gave you the gift in the first place because you Do […]


Wednesday 8/8

A Las Vegas cop caught a motorist who ran through a red light in the course of a short pur­suit, but didn’t arrest the man – because he was already dead!  The offi­cer began fol­low­ing the vehi­cle because he noticed it mov­ing errat­i­cally and when it went through a light and jumped a median, he jumped […]