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Wednesday 12/19

A Chinese man whose name was not released, started off at the airport security check wearing a normal amount of clothing, but after hearing that he would have to pay overweight fees, he began taking clothes out of his bag and putting them on his body – stopping when he got to nine pairs of jeans […]


Hey, I've seen this before!

Sometimes re-gifting is the only option. Whether you’re low on cash or you know someone who would appreciate the gift much more than you.  But, there are still some rules to follow so you don’t end up being the re-gifting Dbag.   •Remember who gave you the gift in the first place because you Do […]


Wednesday 8/8

A Las Vegas cop caught a motorist who ran through a red light in the course of a short pursuit, but didn’t arrest the man – because he was already dead!  The officer began following the vehicle because he noticed it moving erratically and when it went through a light and jumped a median, he jumped […]