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Who steals a banana??

In Con­necti­cut a con­ve­nience store’s sur­veil­lance video shows a Ford sta­tion wagon smash­ing into the store and break­ing the glass doors, which set off the bur­glar alarm. The dri­ver grabbed him­self a banana – and then split before police arrived!     Florida woman Made­line Bro­gan drained the bag of frozen spinach in her sink, […]


Who throws a shoe??

Seat­tle police say a 22-year-old man stole a boat at the Queen City Yacht Club and rammed sev­eral boats and docks. The man, who police said was not wear­ing pants at the time of the inci­dent, was wounded in the arm and head by another man with a shot­gun. Police said they arrested both men […]


My holy pants have a crack in them

A Florida man went bananas in a con­ve­nience store ear­lier this week, strip­ping off every stitch of his cloth­ing and even­tu­ally telling cops that he was a mon­key.  Daylen Hol­lo­man was ini­tially the one who called 911 and near the end of the call, the dis­patcher asked Hol­lo­man what his name was and he said, […]


Friday 1/11

An Aus­tralian man was left feel­ing a lit­tle bit blue after he was beaten up by Smurfs!  The vic­tim says a blue man, who was done up to look like Papa Smurf, approached him inside a con­ve­nience store to ask for a smoke, and when he refused, the blue dude turned red and attacked. There […]