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Friday 9/7

Pitts­burgh man Jason Como, said he planted his mar­i­juana seeds in two pots and placed them in the weeds behind his back yard, but he did not real­ize the prop­erty belonged to the Beloved Dis­ci­ple Catholic Church, which reported the plants to police dur­ing the week­end. Como said, “I just fig­ured this was one of […]


Tuesday 8/21

The itsy-bitsy spi­der … got a lot of atten­tion from a cop who was sum­moned to a Florida home by a 911 call from a ter­ri­fied eight-year-old. The boy called the emer­gency num­ber after being star­tled by the crit­ter while his mom was off at work. The respond­ing offi­cer didn’t find any­thing eight-legged crawl­ing around, […]


Wednesday 8/8

A Las Vegas cop caught a motorist who ran through a red light in the course of a short pur­suit, but didn’t arrest the man – because he was already dead!  The offi­cer began fol­low­ing the vehi­cle because he noticed it mov­ing errat­i­cally and when it went through a light and jumped a median, he jumped […]


Wednedsay 7/25

See­ing a male strip­per dressed as cop isn’t any­thing new – but hav­ing one pull you over for a traf­fic vio­la­tion, well, that’s another story. A 17-year-old Nebraska woman says she was dri­ving near Lin­coln when she saw flash­ing lights in her rearview mir­ror and heard sirens, lead­ing her to pull to the side of the […]