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Friday 9/7

Pittsburgh man Jason Como, said he planted his marijuana seeds in two pots and placed them in the weeds behind his back yard, but he did not realize the property belonged to the Beloved Disciple Catholic Church, which reported the plants to police during the weekend. Como said, “I just figured this was one of […]


Tuesday 8/21

The itsy-bitsy spider … got a lot of attention from a cop who was summoned to a Florida home by a 911 call from a terrified eight-year-old. The boy called the emergency number after being startled by the critter while his mom was off at work. The responding officer didn’t find anything eight-legged crawling around, […]


Wednesday 8/8

A Las Vegas cop caught a motorist who ran through a red light in the course of a short pursuit, but didn’t arrest the man – because he was already dead!  The officer began following the vehicle because he noticed it moving erratically and when it went through a light and jumped a median, he jumped […]


Wednedsay 7/25

Seeing a male stripper dressed as cop isn’t anything new – but having one pull you over for a traffic violation, well, that’s another story. A 17-year-old Nebraska woman says she was driving near Lincoln when she saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror and heard sirens, leading her to pull to the side of the […]