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Friday 1/25

Cops in Lorain, Ohio, responded to a domestic violence report that Joel Perez had threatened to kill his brother and arrived at the scene to find the two men standing amid a cloud of dust – which turned out to be the remains of a person who has yet to be identified. Perez struggled with officers, […]


Tuesday 9/18

Gerrman monk is probably thinking that now might be a good time to take a vow of silence. It’s a lot easier than having to answer questions about why he was found stumbling through a forest naked. A hiker near the Austrian border called police and reported a disoriented naked man acting strangely in the […]


Monday 7/30

A New Mexico man was hauled in by cops after he drunkenly crashed his car in a neighbor’s yard, and proceeded to water her lawn – in an unconventional, unsanitary manner. The man, whose name was not released, drove into a decorative wall at the side of the woman’s house, knocking down a 60-foot section, and […]


Tuesday 7/24

Timothy Courtois, 49, was driving 112 mph on the Maine Turnpike with an AK-47 assault weapon, four handguns, and several boxes of ammo and newspaper clippings about Colorado’s Dark Knight Rises massacre when he was nabbed. He boasted to cops he had just attended a showing of the Batman film packing a loaded gun and […]


Friday 7/13

 A British woman who was obsessed with the saucy novel 50 Shades of Grey ended up a little saucier than she might have liked. Emma McCormack ended up drenched in steak sauce after boyfriend Raymond Hodgson threw a fit over her refusal to ditch the book, which he considered “pornographic.” The couple began their argument […]


Tuesday 7/10

Cops investigating a rash of thefts at a cemetery in upstate New York held a stakeout and found their culprit scurrying away from the site of a Civil War memorial holding the tiny memorial flags – right between its pointy little teeth. While the authorities didn’t use surveillance video, they did have a still camera set […]