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Wednesday 11/28

Mass­a­chu­setts store owner Saa­dat Khan was con­fronted by a gun-wielding crook he pre­tended to co-operate, mov­ing behind the counter and toward the cash reg­is­ter. But instead of open­ing the reg­is­ter to get the dough the man demanded, he grabbed a cup of spicy red pep­per pow­der that he keeps on hand to kick his meals […]


Tuesday 8/28

Accord­ing to Mon­tana High­way Patrol, a man was sport­ing a military-style “Ghillie suit” and was stand­ing in the right-hand lane of a high­way near Kalispell, Mon­tana when he was hit by one car on Sun­day night. Then, he was hit by a sec­ond car has he lay on the high­way. The man was iden­ti­fied as […]