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Glazed and confused

Tim Black­burn, 50, of Stockton-on-Tees, Eng­land, said he busted his right arm when he fell off a lad­der in 2007 and doc­tors had to remove 4 inches of bone and attach a metal scaf­fold around the arm. The arm was finally healed this month using a new ultra­sound tech­nique, but as Murphy’s law would have […]



Wednesday 11/21

Offi­cials at The Broad Street Mall in Read­ing, Eng­land, said the Santa Claus was rap­pelling into the mall to enter­tain the chil­dren when his false beard became caught and he was left dan­gling 15 feet off the ground for about 30 min­utes. Some peo­ple were absolutely mor­ti­fied while oth­ers thought it was the fun­ni­est thing […]


Wednesday 10/10

Police in Britain spot­ted the plant out­side of a Bed­ford, Eng­land, home and the elderly cou­ple told them they had pur­chased the plant at a flea mar­ket, not know­ing it was a mar­i­juana plant. Police said the plant was seized and the cou­ple will not face any legal action but Bed­ford Police posted on the […]