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Time to update my facebook page!

A burglar in Minnesota might just be the dumbest guy in the world after he broke into a house and decided to check Facebook from the homeowner’s computer. He, of course, forgot to log off, so catching him was pretty easy. The homeowner, James Wood, returned to his house to find it had been burglarized […]


A photo sharing opportunity gone bad

Freeland, PA police were having a hard time locating Anthony Lescowitch Jr., 35, who was wanted on charges including burglary and assault, so they posted his picture on the official police Facebook account. Lescowitch thought he was mocking the police when he shared the photo mere minutes after it had been posted, but cops had […]


Thursday 10/4

Word to the wise: If you’re gonna break into someone’s house and throw a rager, don’t post the pictures to prove it on Facebook. That’s what appears to have happened in South Carolina recently, when a family went on vacation and the father was browsing Facebook when he noticed pictures of teens partying (and puking) […]