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Friday 11/30

Nevada man Tod Jerome Johnson called police to report that multiple people needed help for gunshot wounds, so, when they arrived, they found Johnson dancing amid the flames wearing only his tighty-whities and socks – despite the fact that the temperature was below freezing. First responders needed to sedate the 47-year-old to get him to a […]


Wednesday 10/31

Authorities say a Jersey City man they believe was high on PCP bit off and swallowed his own finger after being arrested for allegedly trying to carjack a vehicle while naked. The Jersey Journal reports that 29-year-old Jargget Washington of Jersey City is charged with carjacking, throwing bodily fluids at law enforcement officers and being […]


Wednedsay 10/17

An Iowa jeweler has given new meaning to the term “targeted promotion” – by offering to give a free rifle to anyone who buys an engagement ring by the end of this month. In order to get the shotgun wedding starter kit, a customer must first load up with a diamond ring with a price tag […]


Friday 10/12

Pennsylvania man Jeffrey McMullen walked into a bank where he was a regular customer and slipped a teller a note saying that he demanded one buck, only to be laughed off and sent to another window – where he tried again and got laughed off a second time. Eventually, one of the bank’s employees handed him […]


Friday 10/05

Pennsylvania cops say 51-year-old Laura Pastor demanded money from a store register and whipped out a gun…er…her finger under her shirt. She pointed it at the clerk and said, “This is a stick up. Give me all the money.” The clerk, unsure whether or not the finger was loaded, handed over $148 in cash.  Pastor also […]


Friday 8/17

We’ve all wanted to give the finger to a politician – but a prison inmate in France made that a reality, by cutting off one of his digits and mailing it to the local minister of justice. The prisoner, whose name was not released, sent an envelope containing a chunk of his finger to the offices […]