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Tuesday 11/27

Freak News 11272012 An Irish businessman said he is offering Pope John Paul II’s Popemobile up for rent to partiers for $324 per hour.Paddy Dunning said the Popemobile, a yellow Ford Transit van specially adapted for the pope’s 1979 visit to Ireland, came with the Dublin Wax Museum when he purchased it a few years […]


Monday 7/2

FREAK NEWS 07022012 A Florida man was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges after a fight in which he threatened to kick a neighbor’s butt – as soon as he emptied his own. Robert Gabriel Gernot was cursing out his own mother when a neighbor heard the nasty words and tried to intervene, leading the 53-year-old to […]


Tuesday 6/19

Michael Baker broke into a concession stand at a local fairground and stole about $250 worth of cheese, bread and Italian sausage and then approached a man riding a bike & beat him with the meat! After wearing out the porky weapon, Baker took a wrench from his pocket and struck the victim, leaving him […]


Thursday 5/24

Stockholm police said a homeowner called their emergency number to report a man who had attempted to break into his house & had somehow, during his getaway managed to get stuck in a fence outside of his home. Police arrived and snapped a picture of the suspect, before prying him free and placing him under […]