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Friday 12/7

Miguel Restrepo, 62, told a Colom­bian radio sta­tion that he and his wife, Maria Gar­cia, have been liv­ing com­fort­ably in a sewer for the past 22 years.  Restrepo said they are liv­ing “bet­ter than the pres­i­dent” in the “calm” and “care­free” set­ting. He said the sewer is out­fit­ted with a kitchen, TV, bed, chair and […]


Wednesday 10/24

A woman in Wales is awash with fear when it comes to the toi­let. 20-year-old Ney Decino is pet­ri­fied of the porce­lain god, espe­cially when it flushes. “I flush the loo and then run out of the bath­room unless some­one is with me,” Ney says. “The sound of the water sends shiv­ers down my spine. […]