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Wednesday 10/10

Police in Britain spotted the plant outside of a Bedford, England, home and the elderly couple told them they had purchased the plant at a flea market, not knowing it was a marijuana plant. Police said the plant was seized and the couple will not face any legal action but Bedford Police posted on the […]


Tuesday 10/9

Customs officials in Amsterdam intercepted a suitcase containing 200 live tarantulas. According to officials at Schiphol Airport, a German couple, flying in from Peru, were also carrying dozens of centipedes, crickets, grasshoppers and beetles.The creepy crawlers were seized by officers. No word on why the couple had the tarantulas and other insects – or if they […]


Tuesday 9/25

When police showed up at David Charles Baker’s home, he was brandishing a shotgun and walking amid what looked like tripwires that were hooked up to propane and gas tanks on his front lawn, while shouting what officers describe as “nonsensical” things, the Salt Lake City Tribune reports. Thus began a four-hour standoff, during which […]


Friday 9/21

An Ohio woman got a real kick in the ash from authorities after they searched her home and found the remains of more than 50 people cremated in a funeral home she used to run. Investigators were tipped off when contractors working in Scherrie McLin’s home stumbled upon a wall of boxes embossed with the […]


Thursday 9/20

66-year-old Steve Gustafson was trimming an oak tree at his home in a Florida retirement community when he heard what the Orlando Sentinel calls a “blood curdling yelp.” He turned and saw the gator snatch his dog from the shore of a nearby pond. Gustafson then kind of wigged out and just leaped on the […]


Wednesday 9/12

Imagine you’re at home and you’re sitting on your front porch enjoying the day when all of a sudden a body lands in your front yard!  Well, the body of a man who attempted to hide in the landing gear of an airplane headed to Heathrow Airport did just that on a residential street in […]


Monday 9/10

Doctors at a clinic in France say a boy wondered why his leg was not healing properly after a May bicycle crash. This week, doctors discovered a nearly 3-inch long brake lever lodged deep in his leg, The Local.fr reported Friday.The boy, whose name was given only as Dylan, underwent surgery this week to remove […]


Wednesday 9/5

Witnesses say they heard the sounds of breaking glass and saw Clifford Towers climbing through a back window in a neighboring home, leading them to call cops. When the officers arrived on the scene, they rang the front doorbell in an attempt to access the scene – only to have Towers open up, and promptly surrender. […]