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Wednedsay 6/27

In Iowa Cops were called to the scene by the startled victims, who said they were sitting around at the house when the woman came at them with a poop scoop, chasing them outside and causing them to scatter a collection of Beanie Babies, whose ownership is in dispute. The officers escorted the couple from […]


Monday 6/25

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a nice entry for the dumb-criminals file: Robber holds up man at gunpoint, then tries to flee in the victim’s car—only to discover it’s a manual transmission, which he can’t drive. The robber then accepts a ride from the victim and thanks him when getting dropped off.  Police haven’t  made […]


Friday 6/23

Canadian students at an all-girls private school had to be rescued from a “mass hypnosis,” which lasted for five hours in one case! Hypnotist Maxime Nadeau had to call on his mentor Richard Whitbread to help. Whitbread said “Their eyes were open and there was nobody home.”  Whitbread used a technique in which he re-hypnotized […]