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Hey, that's no banana!!

Accord­ing to wit­nesses, Luis Gonzaga’s un-apeeling behav­ior started when he walked into the farm­ers’ mar­ket and made his pri­vate parts very pub­lic, then briefly cov­ered his crotch with a plas­tic bag. He then approached a female cus­tomer and rubbed against her – although she says she ini­tially assumed the man was acci­den­tally brush­ing her with […]


Police sirens instead of wedding bells

Michelle Flavin brought her choco­late cake through the metal detec­tor, because she thought if she left in  the car her dog might eat it.  It was sit­ting on a table when 50-year-old Robert Eric Fredrick­son, who was due to appear in court on an inde­cent expo­sure charge, walked up and started grab­bing hand­fuls of the […]


Tuesday 11/21

A woman in cen­tral Rus­sia kept her husband’s dead body for three years and told her kids to talk to him and feed him. When her hus­band, a mis­sion­ary, died in 2009, she sim­ply left him on a bed in their apart­ment. She ordered their five home-schooled chil­dren to “‘talk’ to their father and ‘feed’ […]