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Hey, that's no banana!!

According to witnesses, Luis Gonzaga’s un-apeeling behavior started when he walked into the farmers’ market and made his private parts very public, then briefly covered his crotch with a plastic bag. He then approached a female customer and rubbed against her – although she says she initially assumed the man was accidentally brushing her with […]


Police sirens instead of wedding bells

Michelle Flavin brought her chocolate cake through the metal detector, because she thought if she left in  the car her dog might eat it.  It was sitting on a table when 50-year-old Robert Eric Fredrickson, who was due to appear in court on an indecent exposure charge, walked up and started grabbing handfuls of the […]


Tuesday 11/21

A woman in central Russia kept her husband’s dead body for three years and told her kids to talk to him and feed him. When her husband, a missionary, died in 2009, she simply left him on a bed in their apartment. She ordered their five home-schooled children to “‘talk’ to their father and ‘feed’ […]