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Monday 11/12

An Indiana middle school student said his lost phone led to a prank that convinced students and teachers at his school he was dead. Michael Sinkfield, 14, who attends Riverside Junior High in Fishers, said he lost his phone on a  Friday and many of his friends received text messages from the device Sunday night […]


Thursday 8/9

An Illinois man was arrested for walking the street naked and covered in Crisco.  Chad William Forber was said to be visibly intoxicated when he was stopped by cops in the town of Rock Island. He told the officers that he’d taken off his shorts, which he was carrying, because they were too big and wouldn’t […]


Thursday 7/5

New Jersey surgeons removed a rapidly growing, 51-pound (23-kg) cancerous tumour from a woman who had delayed treatment for more than a month until she became eligible for health insurance!  Her Dr said, “She was a skinny lady with a huge belly. I mean it looked like she was literally pregnant with triplets,” She made […]