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Tuesday 9/25

When police showed up at David Charles Baker’s home, he was bran­dish­ing a shot­gun and walk­ing amid what looked like trip­wires that were hooked up to propane and gas tanks on his front lawn, while shout­ing what offi­cers describe as “non­sen­si­cal” things, the Salt Lake City Tri­bune reports. Thus began a four-hour stand­off, dur­ing which […]


Monday 7/30

A New Mex­ico man was hauled in by cops after he drunk­enly crashed his car in a neighbor’s yard, and pro­ceeded to water her lawn – in an uncon­ven­tional, unsan­i­tary man­ner. The man, whose name was not released, drove into a dec­o­ra­tive wall at the side of the woman’s house, knock­ing down a 60-foot sec­tion, and […]