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Tuesday 1/25

A Russ­ian judge has been fired after he caught 40 winks in court and then sen­tenced an out­raged defen­dant to five years in prison.Judge Yevgeny Makhno was forced to resign Fri­day for obvi­ously falling asleep sev­eral times while try­ing a busi­ness­man on charges of fraud. Makhno claimed that he was not sleep­ing, but lis­ten­ing with […]


Thursday 1/17

Police say a man is accused of steal­ing $30,000 worth of auto­matic flush vales from uri­nals and toi­lets since Sep­tem­ber in Mil­wau­kee. Offi­cials sus­pect that he’s reselling the parts some­how, but they have yet to con­firm this. One regional man­ager of the local Arby’s has even ordered locks placed on their uri­nals. Two adult brothers  […]