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How NOT to promote yourself on Youtube

A New Hampshire man’s attempt to teach agriculture on YouTube went up in smoke when cops saw his pot-growing tutorial videos and went to his home – where they found more than a dozen marijuana plants and a pound of weed. Kyle Berry had posted more than 30 videos explaining the ins and outs of the […]


We all scream...and run

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said deputies pulled over a purple ice cream truck and one of the two occupants fled on foot before being caught by deputies. Deputies said Elijah Sanchez, 19, was found carrying two Tupperware containers filled with a substance believed to be marijuana. Investigators found more marijuana inside the vehicle.  […]


Friday 10/26

Angela Cobbold was clocked at over 90 miles per hour by cops who began their pursuit, and noticed that she was a bar of soap during the incident. She crossed the state line into Maryland and drove onto the grounds of Walter Reed Medical Center, where she chased by military police – and even tried to […]


Friday 7/27

It’s always difficult when someone steals your personal possessions, as a Chinese man found out the hard way – when intruders burst into his room and made off with his Johnson. Fei Lin says he was fast asleep when several men entered his chamber and put something over his head and pulled down his trousers […]


Monday 7/9

Authorities in Ohio are on the lookout for a ninja who robbed an Ohio hotel. The male suspect, who was dressed in a black ninja costume, jumped over the counter at the Holiday Inn Express in Milford and told the female clerk to lie face down on the ground. He then proceeded to take cash […]