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Friday 1/4

A neigh­bor whose name was not released, heard the sound of break­ing glass from the house next door and then saw a stranger climb­ing through the win­dow. When the bur­glar Tim­o­thy Woods saw that he had been spot­ted, he tried to duck inside the house, which gave the neigh­bor a chance to dart out­side and […]


Friday 12/21

Hu Lin had been argu­ing with her neigh­bor, Wang Sun, for the last six years over a build­ing per­mit. She was appar­ently so upset with him that she decided to name her dog after him – just so she could insult him. “She named her dog Wang and then when­ever she saw me she would […]


Tuesday 11/6

Author­i­ties at a British air­port had been using pre-recorded tapes of birds in dis­tress in an attempt to deter the feath­ered pests from invad­ing run­ways, but that plan hadn’t been work­ing out all that well. A staff mem­ber switched the feed to what­ever tape hap­pened to be nearby, and found that Tina Turner was just the […]


Friday 8/3

A Pitts­burgh man allegedly broke into a woman’s apart­ment while drunk.  24-year-old Gar­rett Stauber, was arrested shortly after the bur­glary was reported.  Town­ship police say a woman called 911 to report that Stauber kicked in her door, took the uten­sils out of her dish­washer, grabbed her dog then left. A neigh­bor heard what was going […]


Monday 7/30

A New Mex­ico man was hauled in by cops after he drunk­enly crashed his car in a neighbor’s yard, and pro­ceeded to water her lawn – in an uncon­ven­tional, unsan­i­tary man­ner. The man, whose name was not released, drove into a dec­o­ra­tive wall at the side of the woman’s house, knock­ing down a 60-foot sec­tion, and […]


Friday 6/6

A Ten­nessee woman was arrested after repeat­edly call­ing 911 to com­plain that her male neigh­bor had a crush on her hus­band. The woman, who was allegedly intox­i­cated, refused to lis­ten when she was told she couldn’t use 911 for a non-emergency sit­u­a­tion. So when she made her next call, she phoned in her own arrest.  […]


Monday 7/2

FREAK NEWS 07022012 A Florida man was arrested on mis­de­meanor assault charges after a fight in which he threat­ened to kick a neighbor’s butt – as soon as he emp­tied his own. Robert Gabriel Ger­not was curs­ing out his own mother when a neigh­bor heard the nasty words and tried to inter­vene, lead­ing the 53-year-old to […]


Thursday 6/28

A Phoenix teenager babysit­ting his sib­lings shot and crit­i­cally wounded a home intruder, police said. The uniden­ti­fied 14-year-old boy was in charge of his younger sib­lings, 8, 10, and 12 years old, when first a strange woman, then a man pounded on the door of the home. He raced upstairs to retrieve his father’s handgun […]