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Mr. fishy pants

Offi­cials at the Den­ver Zoo say a woman was bit­ten on the hand by a black rhino named Mshindi dur­ing a “rhino expe­ri­ence” pro­gram that allows zoo vis­i­tors to feed the ani­mal. Brian Aucone, the zoo’s vice pres­i­dent for ani­mal care said, “Mshindi is a gen­tle ani­mal. We believe this was an acci­dent and that […]


Friday 2/15

A 31-year-old New Zealand mother died of a car­diac arrhyth­mia, which the coro­ner blamed on her 2.2-gallon-a-day Coca-Cola habit. Nicole Har­ris’ fam­ily called her exces­sive soda drink­ing an “addic­tion,” and said she would go through with­drawal symp­toms if she didn’t have it. All that Coke meant she con­sumed more than two pounds of sugar and […]


Friday 7/20

In New Zealand, dozens of traf­fic signs have been destroyed!  More than 40 poles have been bent, buck­led or bro­ken in the past 18 months, cost­ing tax­pay­ers thou­sands of dol­lars to replace. What’s hap­pen­ing?  Appar­ently, pros­ti­tutes are per­form­ing pole dances in the street to attract clients!  Some­thing tells me New Zealand is not in the […]