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Friday 12/28

A 20-year-old Tunisian man swallowed more than two dozen raw eggs on a dare from his friends! Doctors were called in after the young man felt strong stomach pains, but he died before medical assistance could reach him the report said. An official cause of death has not yet been determined. Zoo workers in Kaliningrad […]


Friday 11/16

Michigan teenager Denzel Washington said he spotted what he believed to be a UFO hovering over a movie theater during the weekend. The 19-year-old Flint resident said his close encounter was no act and he and his brother were as close as 200 feet from the mysterious black craft they saw. The UFO was described […]


Monday 11/12

An Indiana middle school student said his lost phone led to a prank that convinced students and teachers at his school he was dead. Michael Sinkfield, 14, who attends Riverside Junior High in Fishers, said he lost his phone on a  Friday and many of his friends received text messages from the device Sunday night […]


Tuesday 10/16

A British man will be stuck performing thousands of hours of community service after making thousands of phone calls to perfect strangers, informing them that he’d gotten his manhood stuck in someplace it didn’t belong. Gareth Lloyd placed nearly 6000 calls from a pay-as-you-go cell phone, claiming that little Gareth had become lodged in everything […]


Monday 10/15

A woman participating in an aquabike lesson in France said she was attacked by an octopus that immobilized her legs with its tentacles.The woman, whose name was not released, said she was aqua biking — riding an exercise bike submerged in water — in Beaulieu-sur-Mer when she felt something moving around her legs, The Local.fr […]


Tuesday 10/9

Customs officials in Amsterdam intercepted a suitcase containing 200 live tarantulas. According to officials at Schiphol Airport, a German couple, flying in from Peru, were also carrying dozens of centipedes, crickets, grasshoppers and beetles.The creepy crawlers were seized by officers. No word on why the couple had the tarantulas and other insects – or if they […]


Wednesday 7/4

A Wisconsin woman who had stopped on a bridge to take a picture with her cell phone of a buckled highway near Eau Claire, accidentally caught video of an SUV going airborne instead. Theresa Reich told Milwaukee’s WISN she didn’t know her phone was taking video when the SUV hit the clearly-marked lip. The heat […]