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Tuesday 6/5

Most peo­ple would feel incred­i­bly sad if their cat was run over and killed, and even­tu­ally they might con­sider adopt­ing another kitty. Dutch artist Bart Jansen mourned his departed feline, Orville, a dif­fer­ent way: by stuff­ing the cat and turn­ing him into a radio-controlled heli­copter. Jansen calls his dis­turb­ing trib­ute the “Orvil­le­copter,” Jansen said Orville […]


Monday 6/1

They don’t mess around in the Big Apple!  In New York, a guy was stabbed for watch­ing porn in a library. The alleged attacker, 46-year-old Ralph Nep­tune, was with his wife on the sec­ond floor of the Brook­lyn Heights Pub­lic Library when he spot­ted the porn on the 52-year-old victim’s screen. There was a confrontation, […]


Friday 6/1

A Cleveland-area woman try­ing to make a tidy profit ended up busted for breaking-and-entering after she busted into a stranger’s house and cleaned the place with­out per­mis­sion and left a bill!  Sue War­ren didn’t even try to make a clean get­away — her invoice included her name, address and phone num­ber, as well as details […]


Thursday 5/31

Author­i­ties in Ohio said a man clad in a Darth Vader mask robbed a bank with a semi-automatic pis­tol instead of a light saber and the Force. FBI Spe­cial Agent Stephen Anthony said the “Star Wars” vil­lain went into the Hunt­ing­ton Bank on Mon­roe Street in Toledo showed the pis­tol to tellers and demanded cash. […]


Wednesday 5/30

A boy’s visit to a local garage sale has nearly brought back a lost fam­ily mem­ber from the dead! Addi­son Logan went garage-sale shop­ping last & picked up a “pretty cool” Polaroid cam­era for $1, brought it home, and pulled out the car­tridge. Inside was a photo that he showed to grandma: of her then-teenaged son, […]


Tuesday 5/29

A Texas teenager whose name was not released, placed an order at a Cor­pus Christi taco stand, then real­ized he’d be late for school and nixed the whole deal. He walked out, but ended up hav­ing to make a run for the bor­der when a man in a pickup truck started bar­rel­ing down on him. […]


Monday 5/28

 65-year-old Gord Shurvell is recov­er­ing from long claw marks on his back and bite wounds to his shoul­der and head. The hunter and fish­er­man from Win­nipeg, Man­i­toba, was with a friend at a rural cabin near Sioux Look­out in north­west­ern Ontar­iosit­ting in the out­house when a bear sud­denly appeared!  He said, “I left the door […]


Friday 5/25

Cops spot­ted Michael Mar­quez and another home­less man argu­ing over the con­tents of a shop­ping cart filled with sport­ing goods — all of which turned out to be stolen. They were both hauled in for ques­tion­ing in sep­a­rate rooms, and when Marquez’s inter­roga­tor stepped away, snatched a wall clock and stuffed it into his backpack, […]