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Wednesday 5/9

A Min­nesota man may have thought he was king of the jun­gle, but he ended up swing­ing right into a jail cell after cops busted him for curs­ing out neigh­bors as he mowed his lawn … wear­ing noth­ing but a reveal­ing loin­cloth. One of Matthew Swanson’s neigh­bors called police after the man allegedly exposed himself […]


Tuesday 5/8

  Police in Nashville have busted a 14-year-old boy they believe caused a crime wave in the north of the city single-handedly. The teen—described by police as an “inno­v­a­tive individual”—is believed to have been behind more than 100 rob­beries over the last two years in which he kicked in back doors and stole TVs, video […]


Monday 5/7

That drunky mon­key — Eugene Kotel­man blew past a trooper’s check­point with­out see­ing the cruiser, but did pull over with­out inci­dent. When he did, the deputy found him to be extremely ine­bri­ated, with a small mon­key rid­ing shot­gun!  Kotel­man, who has a lengthy record pep­pered with DUI con­vic­tions, was ordered held on $5,000 bond. The […]


Friday 5/4

A Wis­con­sin man fell off the wagon, and straight onto the rail­road tracks!  Thomas Boersma had appar­ently passed out on a set of tracks where he was spot­ted by the con­duc­tor of a freight train, who couldn’t stop in time to avoid him. The con­duc­tor did man­age to stop, but couldn’t find Boersma, who ran […]


Thursday 5/3

 Ger­man police say they busted a bur­glar respon­si­ble for nearly 100 break-ins because he left behind earprints! He appar­ently put his ear against doors to lis­ten for peo­ple inside. “Earprints are of sim­i­lar value as fin­ger­prints in terms of evi­dence,” explained a police offi­cial. The sus­pect allegedly had hauled in $660,000 worth of stolen goods […]


Wednesday 5/2

A Florida woman got some good news when she learned a dark spot on her lung was a seed that had been lodged there for almost 30 years!  Blanca Riveron was con­vinced she had lung can­cer. Back in 1984 Riveron had inhaled a seed from a fruit called nis­pero. Riveron said she could not believe […]


Tuesday 5/1

Take this sock and shove it — Robert Mark Van Wag­ner was busted after hang­ing out at a park and offer­ing the young ladies pairs of socks & then ask­ing them to run around the sports field and return the sweaty footwear to him. Accord­ing to the arrest report, Van Wag­ner told police he was […]


Monday 4/30

Ham­ming it up — An entre­pre­neur in France is giv­ing humans a chance to expe­ri­ence life  as a ham­ster!  French ‘scenog­ra­pher’ Yann Fal­querho runs ‘Villa Ham­ster’, a hotel that’s been ren­o­vated for the human-hamster hybrid, with cages for rooms, haystacks instead of beds, and human-sized run­ning wheels. Guests eat organic ham­ster grains served in little […]