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Friday 4/27

The wrong Thriller – AnIdaho man proved himself to be really, really bad when he showed his devotion to Michael Jackson — by pulling a gun on an acquaintance and forcing him to moonwalk. The Bonner county Daily Bee reports that John Cross says he was under the influence of drugs when he decided he […]


Thursday 4/26

A 103-year-old Ugandan man died after fathering 158 children and amassing around 500 grandchildren. Jack Kigongo fathered his children from 20 wives, with the oldest child being 60-years-old and the youngest being 15.  That means he was over 40 when he started!  Guess he felt he had to make up for lost time. Patrick Bulira […]


Wednesday 4/25

McBusted Ribs – A Florida man claimed he was skipped over in line at McDonald’s & super-sized his anger by coming back with a baseball bat! The man actually complained verbally at first, then left the premises and returned with a bat and smacked the manager twice in the ribs. Employees said he then walked […]


Monday 4/23

2 shots and you’re ouch! – A California man went home feeling no pain after taking two shots at a local tavern which wouldn’t be newsworthy, except for the fact that the shots came from a handgun!  The unidentified victim told cops that he and a stranger began arguing in the bar’s parking lot, but […]


Thursday 4/19

He’s howling Mad! – Cops swung by a Georgia man’s house to give him a ticket for violating his town’s noise laws — by barking loud enough to disturb a neighbor more than 100 yards away. The man, who was intoxicated when cops arrived, denied that he was making any noise at all, and when […]


Wednesday 4/18

  Fire sucks – Firefighters in Sweden say a man, was attempting to suck gas out of his car with a vacuum to fuel his snow blower. Well, the vacuum caught on fire and he chucked it out of his garage where it proceeded to blow up and catch his car on fire! He then […]


Tuesday 4/17

I don’t see what the problem is – Police in Italy said they arrested a woman accused of receiving about $143,900 in benefits by falsely claiming to be blind.  Authorities said investigators filmed her going about her daily business without any blindness-related difficulty or assistance. The woman will have to repay the benefits, which she […]


Monday 4/16

Liason in the Loo – A “Missed Connections” posting appeared on Web site Craigslist from a woman who wore “blue hair, silver tube top, fishnets, (and) knee high black biker boots” to the recent Motorhead/Megadeth concert at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, is seeking a red-mohawked man with “black pentagram gauges” and “viper piercings” who […]