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Monday 12/10

Cops in New Mexico are looking into the delivery of an unusually high-caliber parcel of meat.  The meat, which appears to have been packaged and frozen more than a year ago, originated at a plant in Colorado and was delivered to a supermarket last week. When an employee tore into the case to ready the […]


Wednesday 10/10

Police in Britain spotted the plant outside of a Bedford, England, home and the elderly couple told them they had purchased the plant at a flea market, not knowing it was a marijuana plant. Police said the plant was seized and the couple will not face any legal action but Bedford Police posted on the […]


Wednesday 10/3

Students in a college calculus class got a lesson in anatomy and an eye full when their professor stripped off all of his clothes in front of the class. Michigan State University police received a call about a man yelling in the school’s engineering building. They soon discovered the male professor standing buck naked in […]