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Wild Cats!

Cats can be cute and cuddly—or roving bands of terrorists. Just ask a French woman who was attacked by a band of wild felines while walking her poodle!  They jumped on her and managed to knock her over. The wild cats bit her on the leg and on her arms. They even pierced an artery. […]


Locked out of the car but in jail

A Solon, Ohio man picked one heck of a time to lock his keys in his car.  The suspect, who was not identified, called 911 to report he’d locked his keys in his car and asked a dispatcher to send an officer to help. The police officer arrived at the scene and managed to get […]


Fruit of the Loom locked and unloaded

A Pennsylvania man who was trying to guarantee safe sex ended up in a very unsafe position –after two men robbed him at knifepoint, taking nothing but a condom. The man, whose name was not released, was walking down a street on the east side of Erie when the men approached him and took the […]



A bull escaped from a livestock auction in Worland, Wyo. running two miles before tearing into a home across town. Police say the bull went through an open door and down a set of stairs into a basement, causing extensive damage to the walls and stairs. The 1,400-pound bull, which refused to cooperate with handlers, […]


Wednedsay 7/25

Seeing a male stripper dressed as cop isn’t anything new – but having one pull you over for a traffic violation, well, that’s another story. A 17-year-old Nebraska woman says she was driving near Lincoln when she saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror and heard sirens, leading her to pull to the side of the […]