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Twerking Twits

According to police, Christie Coura went to Beaverton City Hall to pay a fine with two friends. After Coura paid the fine, the three women went out to the parking lot and began twerking.  Then things got weird… one of the friend’s allegedly began urinating between cars in the parking lot while the whole thing […]


Gun toteing banana

Police in Beaumont, Texas, cited an 18-year-old for violating a city ordinance that prohibits soliciting in and alongside roadways after they received multiple calls about a man carrying an AK-47 while dressed as a banana near Highway 105!The teen was helping to advertise the grand opening of the Golden Triangle Tactical store’s new location. The […]


Thursday 1/24

Police in Sweden said a woman threatened to kill the her boyfriend during a heated argument and threw  frying pan full of hot sausages at the man! The frying pan missed but he was struck by the sausages and grease, police said. He was not injured, just hungry. The woman was charged with attempted assault […]



Monday 9/24

A pair of brothers from Wisconsin was arrested after a game of “Madden NFL” turned into a physical altercation, police said. Michael & Abrey Mayweather were playing a game of “Madden NFL” in Abrey’s apartment when Michael became upset about losing and his brother’s name calling.  Residents of the apartment building called police when the […]