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Wednesday 9/19

A French out­doors­man found out just how good his hunt­ing dog was after the pooch shot him while they were out try­ing to bag a deer. The gen­tle­man, iden­ti­fied only as Rene, had to have his right hand ampu­tated when the dog, excited at the prospect of get­ting up close and per­sonal with Bambi, lunged […]


Wednesday 8/15

Manny Gar­rido, told inves­ti­ga­tors he began tin­ker­ing as a way to pass the time after his driver’s license was sus­pended and one of his projects was a single-round, .40-caliber gun he con­structed from a brass tube, a large nut, springs and a screw­driver. Well, Gar­rido acci­den­tally shot him­self in the leg with the gun while […]