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Wednesday 9/19

A French outdoorsman found out just how good his hunting dog was after the pooch shot him while they were out trying to bag a deer. The gentleman, identified only as Rene, had to have his right hand amputated when the dog, excited at the prospect of getting up close and personal with Bambi, lunged […]


Friday 8/24

Seventy-two-year-old Harriet Sweger says she was first robbed by a woman who bumped into her and grabbed her checkbook at a grocery store. The PA woman says she was driving to a police station when she stopped to ask for directions and had a man reach into her car and grab her purse! A Wisconsin […]


Thursday 8/23

DeLand, FL police said the man, described as about 6 feet tall with short blond hair and sideburns, borrowed a pen at a Dunkin Donuts shortly before 8:30 a.m. which doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary but he used it to write the note he used to rob the shop. Police have released security […]


Monday 8/20

A 24-year-old construction worker survived after a 6-foot metal bar fell from above and piercing his head! The bar fell from the fifth floor of a building under construction, went through Eduardo Leite’s hard hat, entered the back of his skull and exited between his eyes! Ruy Monteiro, the hospital’s head of neurosurgery, said Leite […]


Wednesday 8/15

Manny Garrido, told investigators he began tinkering as a way to pass the time after his driver’s license was suspended and one of his projects was a single-round, .40-caliber gun he constructed from a brass tube, a large nut, springs and a screwdriver. Well, Garrido accidentally shot himself in the leg with the gun while […]


Tuesday 8/14

In Colorado, a black bear broke into a candy store and chowed down on English toffee, caramel-dipped cookies and milk chocolate “cookie bears.” Surveillance video shows the bear making seven trips into and out of the store in roughly 15 minutes. He left for good after a passing car scared him away. “Mommy it’s Superman!” […]


Monday 8/13

Brandon Tudor, said he was driving along U.S. Highway 30 near Big Rock when bird poop hit the windshield of his 1996 Cadillac Seville and he immediately saw a resemblance pop icon Michael Jackson!  So, he’s put it on eBay with a minimum starting bid for the windshield is set at $. Until the auction […]


Thursday 8/9

An Illinois man was arrested for walking the street naked and covered in Crisco.  Chad William Forber was said to be visibly intoxicated when he was stopped by cops in the town of Rock Island. He told the officers that he’d taken off his shorts, which he was carrying, because they were too big and wouldn’t […]