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Thursday 1/24

Police in Swe­den said a woman threat­ened to kill the her boyfriend dur­ing a heated argu­ment and threw  fry­ing pan full of hot sausages at the man! The fry­ing pan missed but he was struck by the sausages and grease, police said. He was not injured, just hun­gry. The woman was charged with attempted assault […]


Tuesday 8/14

In Col­orado, a black bear broke into a candy store and chowed down on Eng­lish tof­fee, caramel-dipped cook­ies and milk choco­late “cookie bears.” Sur­veil­lance video shows the bear mak­ing seven trips into and out of the store in roughly 15 min­utes. He left for good after a pass­ing car scared him away. “Mommy it’s Super­man!” “No […]