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Tuesday 11/6

Author­i­ties at a British air­port had been using pre-recorded tapes of birds in dis­tress in an attempt to deter the feath­ered pests from invad­ing run­ways, but that plan hadn’t been work­ing out all that well. A staff mem­ber switched the feed to what­ever tape hap­pened to be nearby, and found that Tina Turner was just the […]


Wedesday 8/29

Clay­ton Joseph Schwey repeat­edly demanded free­bies from a Florida Dunkin’ Donuts shop, claim­ing that he was enti­tled to the goods as a con­di­tion of his gig with the DEA. When asked for some iden­ti­fi­ca­tion to back up his claim, he insisted he wasn’t allowed to carry any thanks to the sen­si­tive nature of his work […]