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Wednesday 6/20

Cops in Swe­den were called to res­cue a woman spot­ted lying with her arm draped over the bal­cony of a high-rise apart­ment. After receiv­ing an emer­gency call, first respon­ders knocked on the apart­ment door and, find­ing no response, forced their way in. Upon arrival, they headed to the ter­race where they found the man­nequin lying […]


Tuesday 6/19

Michael Baker broke into a con­ces­sion stand at a local fair­ground and stole about $250 worth of cheese, bread and Ital­ian sausage and then approached a man rid­ing a bike & beat him with the meat! After wear­ing out the porky weapon, Baker took a wrench from his pocket and struck the vic­tim, leav­ing him […]


Monday 6/18

FREAK NEWS 06182012  1 tech­nol­ogy 0 jewel thief!  Author­i­ties said a Mur­ri­eta woman arrived home around 1 p.m. and an intruder fled from inside her garage when she opened the door.  The woman dis­cov­ered a safe from her bed­room had been taken to the garage and jew­elry and cash were miss­ing from inside the home. Police said […]


Wednesday 6/13

A game called ‘pos­sum’, in which young peo­ple climb trees and attempt to drink a case of beer, is caus­ing prob­lems in New Zealand. The first one to fall out of a tree from drunk­en­ness loses the game. Offi­cials at the Dunedin Botanic Gar­dens say mostly stu­dents play the game in after­noons and evenings, often […]


Tuesday 6/12

At a toll booth in East China a dri­ver had been pulled over for hav­ing no licence plates on his car. As the traf­fic offi­cer approached his car, the dri­ver accel­er­ated. The offi­cer jumped onto the hood to avoid being run over, and was taken for a ride that lasted some 200 metres. A passing […]


Thursday 6/8

In Cal­i­for­nia, a dad was run­ning late, try­ing to his son to a youth soc­cer game. So, the he did what any good dad would do — he drove 104 miles per hour on the wrong side of the road to make up time. Unfor­tu­nately, the kid never made it to the game as the […]


Wednedsay 6/6

A 43-year-old man, whose name was not released, was picked up on an out­stand­ing theft war­rant and taken in for pro­cess­ing at a local precinct. Not long after he left, the cor­rec­tions offi­cer who’d han­dled the bust noticed his hand­cuffs were miss­ing and grew sus­pi­cious –sus­pi­cions that were con­firmed when he got a call from […]


Tuesday 6/5

Most peo­ple would feel incred­i­bly sad if their cat was run over and killed, and even­tu­ally they might con­sider adopt­ing another kitty. Dutch artist Bart Jansen mourned his departed feline, Orville, a dif­fer­ent way: by stuff­ing the cat and turn­ing him into a radio-controlled heli­copter. Jansen calls his dis­turb­ing trib­ute the “Orvil­le­copter,” Jansen said Orville […]