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Monday 6/1

They don’t mess around in the Big Apple!  In New York, a guy was stabbed for watching porn in a library. The alleged attacker, 46-year-old Ralph Neptune, was with his wife on the second floor of the Brooklyn Heights Public Library when he spotted the porn on the 52-year-old victim’s screen. There was a confrontation, […]


Friday 6/1

A Cleveland-area woman trying to make a tidy profit ended up busted for breaking-and-entering after she busted into a stranger’s house and cleaned the place without permission and left a bill!  Sue Warren didn’t even try to make a clean getaway — her invoice included her name, address and phone number, as well as details […]


Thursday 5/31

Authorities in Ohio said a man clad in a Darth Vader mask robbed a bank with a semi-automatic pistol instead of a light saber and the Force. FBI Special Agent Stephen Anthony said the “Star Wars” villain went into the Huntington Bank on Monroe Street in Toledo showed the pistol to tellers and demanded cash. […]


Wednesday 5/30

A boy’s visit to a local garage sale has nearly brought back a lost family member from the dead! Addison Logan went garage-sale shopping last & picked up a “pretty cool” Polaroid camera for $1, brought it home, and pulled out the cartridge. Inside was a photo that he showed to grandma: of her then-teenaged son, […]


Tuesday 5/29

A Texas teenager whose name was not released, placed an order at a Corpus Christi taco stand, then realized he’d be late for school and nixed the whole deal. He walked out, but ended up having to make a run for the border when a man in a pickup truck started barreling down on him. […]


Monday 5/28

 65-year-old Gord Shurvell is recovering from long claw marks on his back and bite wounds to his shoulder and head. The hunter and fisherman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, was with a friend at a rural cabin near Sioux Lookout in northwestern Ontariositting in the outhouse when a bear suddenly appeared!  He said, “I left the door […]


Thursday 5/24

Stockholm police said a homeowner called their emergency number to report a man who had attempted to break into his house & had somehow, during his getaway managed to get stuck in a fence outside of his home. Police arrived and snapped a picture of the suspect, before prying him free and placing him under […]


Wednesday 5/23

Iowa officers arrested 56-year-old Jerald Reiter in the parking lot of the Dog House bar, where people had been taking photos of a small zebra and a parrot.  Both of which were in Reiter’s truck.  Reiter says the zebra and macaw parrot are pets and like riding in the truck. Reiter claims he sometimes takes […]