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Tuesday 5/22

Imag­ine you’re out on the ocean in your boat for a nice lazy day of relax­ation.  All of a sud­den a GIANT float­ing bar­rage of mar­i­juana floats towards you.  I’m not talk­ing just alit­tle.  We’re talk­ing 3 ½ tons!  This boater spot­ted 160 bales of pot around noon Sun­day about 15 miles off the coast […]


Thursday 5/17

A pair of Col­orado moms will face harass­ment charges after attempt­ing to clean up dirty danc­ing at a high school prom.  Jen­nifer Farmer and Han­nah Rockey — who took their chap­er­one duties so seri­ously they were both dressed in mil­i­tary fatigues — did not like the bump­ing and grind­ing on the dance floor, so they […]


Wednesday 5/15

Police said the 44-year-old man, who allegedly stole from 16 elderly peo­ple by pos­ing as a police offi­cer, entered Bar­bro Bostrom’s home, claimed to be an offi­cer and pushed his way into her liv­ing room. Bostrom grabbed a stick that she uses to pick up objects on the floor and waved it at him, yelling, […]


Tuesday 5/15

The wind­shield of Michelle Hig­gins’ car was smashed and the roof was ripped open by the col­li­sion with a moose! When she arrived at work Hig­gins says that her co work­ers came run­ning out­side to ask if she was OK but she was con­fused and asked “why?”  Michelle was bleed­ing and her car was smashed […]


Monday 5/14

  A pair of wanna-be car­jack­ers inWash­ing­ton, D.C, found that their get­away was any­thing but auto­matic. The men forced the dri­ver and pas­sen­ger out of the car and into the trunk, but brought one out to drive when con­fronted with the stick shift. While he drove them part-way to their des­ti­na­tion, he bolted the scene, […]


Friday 5/11

A Cana­dian man is lick­ing his wounds, rather than his fin­gers, after cops busted him on a dis­tracted dri­ving charge — because he was dri­ving his car hands-free … while eat­ing a rotis­serie chicken. A cop spot­ted Michael Gib­son dri­ving errat­i­cally and noticed that he was using his knees to steer, while pay­ing more attention […]


Thursday 5/10

A man who was detained for attempt­ing to smug­gle a bunch of lizards through a Ger­man air­port says he had no idea he was com­mit­ting a crime. The man, whose name was not released, was return­ing from theMid­dle East, and had the lizards stuffed into his carry-on lug­gage. When stopped for ques­tion­ing, he insisted they […]


Wednesday 5/9

A Min­nesota man may have thought he was king of the jun­gle, but he ended up swing­ing right into a jail cell after cops busted him for curs­ing out neigh­bors as he mowed his lawn … wear­ing noth­ing but a reveal­ing loin­cloth. One of Matthew Swanson’s neigh­bors called police after the man allegedly exposed himself […]