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Tuesday 5/22

Imagine you’re out on the ocean in your boat for a nice lazy day of relaxation.  All of a sudden a GIANT floating barrage of marijuana floats towards you.  I’m not talking just alittle.  We’re talking 3 ½ tons!  This boater spotted 160 bales of pot around noon Sunday about 15 miles off the coast […]


Thursday 5/17

A pair of Colorado moms will face harassment charges after attempting to clean up dirty dancing at a high school prom.  Jennifer Farmer and Hannah Rockey — who took their chaperone duties so seriously they were both dressed in military fatigues — did not like the bumping and grinding on the dance floor, so they […]


Wednesday 5/15

Police said the 44-year-old man, who allegedly stole from 16 elderly people by posing as a police officer, entered Barbro Bostrom’s home, claimed to be an officer and pushed his way into her living room. Bostrom grabbed a stick that she uses to pick up objects on the floor and waved it at him, yelling, […]


Tuesday 5/15

The windshield of Michelle Higgins’ car was smashed and the roof was ripped open by the collision with a moose! When she arrived at work Higgins says that her co workers came running outside to ask if she was OK but she was confused and asked “why?”  Michelle was bleeding and her car was smashed […]


Monday 5/14

  A pair of wanna-be carjackers inWashington, D.C, found that their getaway was anything but automatic. The men forced the driver and passenger out of the car and into the trunk, but brought one out to drive when confronted with the stick shift. While he drove them part-way to their destination, he bolted the scene, […]


Friday 5/11

A Canadian man is licking his wounds, rather than his fingers, after cops busted him on a distracted driving charge — because he was driving his car hands-free … while eating a rotisserie chicken. A cop spotted Michael Gibson driving erratically and noticed that he was using his knees to steer, while paying more attention […]


Thursday 5/10

A man who was detained for attempting to smuggle a bunch of lizards through a German airport says he had no idea he was committing a crime. The man, whose name was not released, was returning from theMiddle East, and had the lizards stuffed into his carry-on luggage. When stopped for questioning, he insisted they […]


Wednesday 5/9

A Minnesota man may have thought he was king of the jungle, but he ended up swinging right into a jail cell after cops busted him for cursing out neighbors as he mowed his lawn … wearing nothing but a revealing loincloth. One of Matthew Swanson’s neighbors called police after the man allegedly exposed himself […]