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Tuesday 5/8

  Police in Nashville have busted a 14-year-old boy they believe caused a crime wave in the north of the city single-handedly. The teen—described by police as an “innovative individual”—is believed to have been behind more than 100 robberies over the last two years in which he kicked in back doors and stole TVs, video […]


Monday 5/7

That drunky monkey – Eugene Kotelman blew past a trooper’s checkpoint without seeing the cruiser, but did pull over without incident. When he did, the deputy found him to be extremely inebriated, with a small monkey riding shotgun!  Kotelman, who has a lengthy record peppered with DUI convictions, was ordered held on $5,000 bond. The […]


Friday 5/4

A Wisconsin man fell off the wagon, and straight onto the railroad tracks!  Thomas Boersma had apparently passed out on a set of tracks where he was spotted by the conductor of a freight train, who couldn’t stop in time to avoid him. The conductor did manage to stop, but couldn’t find Boersma, who ran […]


Thursday 5/3

 German police say they busted a burglar responsible for nearly 100 break-ins because he left behind earprints! He apparently put his ear against doors to listen for people inside. “Earprints are of similar value as fingerprints in terms of evidence,” explained a police official. The suspect allegedly had hauled in $660,000 worth of stolen goods […]


Wednesday 5/2

A Florida woman got some good news when she learned a dark spot on her lung was a seed that had been lodged there for almost 30 years!  Blanca Riveron was convinced she had lung cancer. Back in 1984 Riveron had inhaled a seed from a fruit called nispero. Riveron said she could not believe […]


Tuesday 5/1

Take this sock and shove it – Robert Mark Van Wagner was busted after hanging out at a park and offering the young ladies pairs of socks & then asking them to run around the sports field and return the sweaty footwear to him. According to the arrest report, Van Wagner told police he was […]


Monday 4/30

Hamming it up – An entrepreneur in France is giving humans a chance to experience life  as a hamster!  French ‘scenographer’ Yann Falquerho runs ‘Villa Hamster’, a hotel that’s been renovated for the human-hamster hybrid, with cages for rooms, haystacks instead of beds, and human-sized running wheels. Guests eat organic hamster grains served in little […]


Friday 4/27

The wrong Thriller – AnIdaho man proved himself to be really, really bad when he showed his devotion to Michael Jackson — by pulling a gun on an acquaintance and forcing him to moonwalk. The Bonner county Daily Bee reports that John Cross says he was under the influence of drugs when he decided he […]