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Wednesday 4/11

Grand­pas got junk in his trunk — Ger­man police said a 72-year-old man who allowed his 9-year-old grand­daugh­ter to ride in the trunk of his car for­got she was there and went for a walk. The man told police his grand­daugh­ter had asked to ride in the trunk of his car on the way to […]


Tuesday 4/10

Bad Aim — Janee Young, is charged with pepper-spraying her infant son in the face. But it seems that Young isn’t just another case of a bad par­ent tak­ing out anger on an inno­cent child: Rather, she just has really rot­ten aim. What Young was try­ing to do was spray the boy’s father, with whom […]


Monday 4/9

Now THIS is uncon­di­tional love — A man in Britain­has asked for a woman’s hand in marriage—not long after she stabbed him in the back with a 12-inch knife. And he did it in court! Tiffany Bail­lie has admit­ted to stab­bing her boyfriend while he was asleep in Decem­ber; the crime occurred near the first-year […]


Friday 4/6

Ruff break — AMoscow woman was shop­ping at a mall and emerged to find another car had struck her parked vehi­cle! The owner was no where in sight and it turns out the owner had left the engine run­ning with three dogs inside and the canines man­aged to shift the vehi­cle out of park and […]


Thursday 4/5

He’s the king of the world!! — Police were mind­ing their own busi­ness when Jesse James Thomas leapt onto their parked cruiser wear­ing a som­brero and a sin­gle box­ing glove, announc­ing that he’d come to town to make a name for him­self! To under­score that atten­tion, he shouted his name at the top of his […]


Tuesday 4/3

When he’s right, he’s right — A Kansas man who quipped to a pal that he was more likely to be struck by light­ning than to buy a win­ning Mega Mil­lions lot­tery ticket turned out to be exactly right. Unlucky Bill Isles, was struck by a bolt of light­ning in the back­yard of his Wichitahome […]


Monday 4/2

Caught blue handed — A Swedish teenager was caught steal­ing money from his job when police added an invis­i­ble pow­der to the cash.  A few days after the trap was laid, one of the teen’s co-workers noticed the kid walk­ing around the com­pany with blue hands.  The teenager was charged Thurs­day to the theft of […]


Friday 3/30

Can I lend you a hand? — A Chi­nese air­line pas­sen­ger en route to Italy was busted in Bucharest after a body part was found in his lug­gage, appar­ently tucked away amid the under­wear and shirts. “The frag­ment of a human body was dis­cov­ered dur­ing the first secu­rity check at the air­port, and the owner […]