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Wednesday 4/11

Grandpas got junk in his trunk – German police said a 72-year-old man who allowed his 9-year-old granddaughter to ride in the trunk of his car forgot she was there and went for a walk. The man told police his granddaughter had asked to ride in the trunk of his car on the way to […]


Tuesday 4/10

Bad Aim – Janee Young, is charged with pepper-spraying her infant son in the face. But it seems that Young isn’t just another case of a bad parent taking out anger on an innocent child: Rather, she just has really rotten aim. What Young was trying to do was spray the boy’s father, with whom […]


Monday 4/9

Now THIS is unconditional love – A man in Britainhas asked for a woman’s hand in marriage—not long after she stabbed him in the back with a 12-inch knife. And he did it in court! Tiffany Baillie has admitted to stabbing her boyfriend while he was asleep in December; the crime occurred near the first-year […]


Friday 4/6

Ruff break – AMoscow woman was shopping at a mall and emerged to find another car had struck her parked vehicle! The owner was no where in sight and it turns out the owner had left the engine running with three dogs inside and the canines managed to shift the vehicle out of park and […]


Thursday 4/5

He’s the king of the world!! – Police were minding their own business when Jesse James Thomas leapt onto their parked cruiser wearing a sombrero and a single boxing glove, announcing that he’d come to town to make a name for himself! To underscore that attention, he shouted his name at the top of his […]


Tuesday 4/3

When he’s right, he’s right – A Kansas man who quipped to a pal that he was more likely to be struck by lightning than to buy a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket turned out to be exactly right. Unlucky Bill Isles, was struck by a bolt of lightning in the backyard of his Wichitahome […]


Monday 4/2

Caught blue handed – A Swedish teenager was caught stealing money from his job when police added an invisible powder to the cash.  A few days after the trap was laid, one of the teen’s co-workers noticed the kid walking around the company with blue hands.  The teenager was charged Thursday to the theft of […]


Friday 3/30

Can I lend you a hand? – A Chinese airline passenger en route to Italy was busted in Bucharest after a body part was found in his luggage, apparently tucked away amid the underwear and shirts. “The fragment of a human body was discovered during the first security check at the airport, and the owner […]