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Thrusday 3/29

Exsqeeze me — An Aus­tralian woman needed more than a sim­ple “God Bless You” after sneez­ing in bed.  Monique Jef­frey was lying down when she got the urge to sneeze, and didn’t think much of it — until she felt “excru­ci­at­ing” pain after­wards. The 28-year-old found her­self unable to walk, but man­aged to text her […]


Tuesday 3/27

Quit yer squakin’ — Michael Crane will never be called a stool pigeon. The Ari­zona man, who’s on trial for mur­der, refused to say a word when called to tes­tify in the case, choos­ing instead to squak! Crane was attend­ing a hear­ing to deter­mine his men­tal capac­ity when he was called to the stand the […]


Monday 3/26

Orange you obses­sive? — Some gals have a thing for 24-karat gold, but one Cal­i­for­nia woman has gone even fur­ther with her per­sonal choice of adorn­ment – cov­er­ing her­self with 35 car­rot tat­toos.  ZiZi How­ell has been plas­ter­ing her back, arms and belly with the crunchy orange veg­gies for sev­eral years – and the obses­sion doesn’t stop there. […]


Friday 3/23

Occu­pa­tional haz­ards — Police said a man who allegedly stabbed another man and lists his occu­pa­tion as “drug dealer” was arrested on a pro­ba­tion vio­la­tion. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Deaun­dre Barnes, 22, allegedly stabbed Thomas Grippo, 23, at a home dur­ing a fight that was sparked when Barnes told Grippo and his girlfriend […]


Thursday 3/22

An hon­est but lazy thief - Author­i­ties called Jay Maytin to inform him that his 13-year-old bike had been left at the Aspen,CO cour­t­house along with a brief apol­ogy read­ing, “Sorry. I stole this bike. I rode it home. Please give it back — Drunk.” Maytin says he has no inter­est in press­ing charges or finding […]


Wednesday 3/21

What’s the buzzz about? — Tommy and Cristi Hill of Brighton said they left the Chevy at home while they went out to eat and shop Sat­ur­day and returned to find bees swarm­ing under the hood and over the wind­shield of the vehi­cle.  The Hills said they do not want to kill the bees, so […]


Tuesday 3/20

A mighty Rum­ble — Lisa Kuss, admin­is­tra­tor for Clin­tonville, a town of about 4,700 peo­ple, said res­i­dents liv­ing within a 6-block radius on the north­east side reported thunder-like noises that caused their homes to shake at about 8:30 p.m. Sun­day, peaked between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. Mon­day, and con­tin­ued beyond 7 a.m.  The administrator […]


Monday 3/19

.08 High Five! — A Penn­syl­va­nia man is fac­ing a vari­ety of charges after try­ing to high-five a patrol­man — who had just deter­mined the guy was dri­ving with more than twice the legal amount of alco­hol in his sys­tem. A Penn­syl­va­nia cop pulled over Ger­ald Decker because his lights were not turned on at […]