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thursday 11/15

William Keltner was shopping for a new TV when he stumbled across a set for a hair over 200 bucks, which actually sounds like a decent deal. Keltner decided to remove the price code from a clothes hanger, which was selling for about a buck and a quarter, and place it on the set before […]


Tuesday 11/13

A Florida woman, whose name was not released, called cops to report a theft, saying that she’d placed about $3000 into a packet of aluminum foil and slipped it in between two trays of biscuits in her oven for safe keeping – but when she returned home, she found that someone had made off with about […]


Tuesday 7/10

Cops investigating a rash of thefts at a cemetery in upstate New York held a stakeout and found their culprit scurrying away from the site of a Civil War memorial holding the tiny memorial flags – right between its pointy little teeth. While the authorities didn’t use surveillance video, they did have a still camera set […]